We love it! We love it! I think it’s the best ad yet. You are wonderful!!!

Deb Narine, owner – SpyGirl Productions

Thank you so much for your great work. Much appreciated. You made a harried promotion very simple... I look forward to working with you again and recommending you to others as well.

Sheryl Wiser, Marketing Director – Seattle Center

Great job on all the recent online work. I had a chance to show (the client) our most recent online work today and he was very complementary. Very! He wants more.

Cindy Westling, Account Executive – DDB Seattle

... I’ll pat you on the back... These look great.

Jody Roginson, partner – TwoJay! Enterprises

They look great – awesome in fact. You are a genius as always.

Deb Narine, owner – SpyGirl Productions

Thanks a million for the great effort on the JS stuff. The work has now been shown around JanSport and is getting great response. great job dude!!!

Fred Hammerquist, Creative Director – DDB Seattle

The POS and packaging work that Brett put together totally exceeded their expectations and proved to JanSport that we are a lot more than just advertising. Thanks again. I was very proud to present the work.

Jan Edmundson, Managing Partner – DDB Seattle


Lindsey Lower, Traffic Director – DDB Seattle

Just got a message from my PR firm whom I had sent an invitation to the open house to. She had great compliments for the design and layout. They do advertising and design too, so it’s high kudos. Thanks so much for making us look good!

Cara McDonald, Marketing Director –Pinnacle Realty Management

Northwest Health looks great! The wrapper is eye-catching while still appearing integrated with the magazine, just like we want MyGroupHealth to be understood by members... integrated with Group Health, not a separate service. You couldn’t have done a better job of including MyGroupHealth throughout the articles and communicating that www.ghc.org is a valuable access point to Group Health services and information.

Maureena Moran – Group Health Cooperative

Brett, Thanks for all of your work. It looks great and I would be very happy to work with you in the future as jobs come up.

Candy Penix – Group Health Cooperative

A bit of positive, unsolicited feedback... and Laurie’s a tough customer, given her design background and proximity to the project! Hurray. Many thanks to all... and Christie, a request that you share the feedback with our new, best friend, Brett. Thanks.

Jay Gusick – Group Health Cooperative

Atomic Design Lab
Atomic Design Lab